Speed of Discourse

Have you ever found yourself watching the science fiction space travel staple of your choice, and wondering just how fast the vehicle in that series universe would stack up against, say, your second favorite sci-fi space travel universe?  Wonder no more my friends, because the folks at have got you covered.  They […]


The Hayden Letters

The dream of space travel has been haunting the minds of puny humans for perhaps as long as we have been able to gaze up at the stars and the Moon. We have the privilege of knowing that just such an accomplishment is possible, but it has not always been this way. At the American Museum of Natural History, back in 1950, “the Museum’s Hayden Planetarium began accepting reservations for the first trip into space as part of a publicity campaign for its exhibition Conquest of Space. Letters poured in from around the world with requests to book trips to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and beyond, capturing the public’s passion and curiosity for space exploration.” The Planetarium has shared some of these letters on the web, so take a look at a sample, and check out the whole set on Flickr — The Hayden Letters Set.

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Shutdown: Levitate Me

OK, first, go here and click play. In the mood for love maglev now? You’re looking at NASA’s magnetic launch assist technology demonstrator, using the power of a maglev track to help accelerate this model airplane into flight. The real MLA system would help a hypersonic SSTO (single stage to orbit) spacecraft off […]

User Input

User Input: Looking Past Mars

A few days ago, AtomicToasters asked if we should return to the moon. Support for such a plan was soft, so we abandoned our plans (code named Picard Maneuver**) and put the money we raised back into the beer and pizza fund. Shortly thereafter, two beers and an 8″ one topping pizza ensued. (In […]