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Space…the photogenic frontier…

Image from NASA.


Watching A Space Shuttle Launch

STS-127 Launch

One of my most treasured memories is having the opportunity to witness two space shuttle launches. The photo above is one I took with my old point and shoot camera of STS-127. Even from approximately 5 miles away, the sound of the launch was incredible. You can no longer see a space shuttle launch. However, thanks to the wonder that is the innerwebs, you can see one virtually. Hit the jump, crank up the speakers, and pretend you’re in Florida.

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Richard Hammond Explains The Space Shuttle

Richard Hammond

Affectionately known as The Hamster, Richard Hammond has been entertaining audiences with his wit on the UK’s Top Gear program for over a decade. He also makes Mrs. engineerd™ swoon. Oh, and he had a short-lived show called “Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections” where he would trace back how engineers of modern inventions used clues from historic inventions and the natural world. Hit the jump to see what an organ and German U-Boat have to do with the space shuttle. Trust me, the nearly 1 hour video is worth it.

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Recording the Shuttle Launches


The mailboxes are watching…

We’ve all watched lots of videos of various NASA launches, especially launches of the Space Shuttle. I’ve always marveled at the videos that show the vehicles clearly at very high altitudes and wondered at what kind of equipment that they use. Well, perusing the UK edition of Gizmodo, I found my answer. A post by Jamie Condliffe today included a video from the 1980s about the photo operations at Kennedy Space Center, and shows all sorts of interesting old camera tech and the various shops and contractors that made it all work. Well worth watching after the jump.

Photo Credit: NASA

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For Sale: Launchpad

NASA has not officially put them up on Craigslist, but several facilities are on the auction block at Kennedy and other space centers. At the end of this year, funding for the wind down of the space shuttle program ends. Follow-on programs, like Constellation, have not taken over all space shuttle facilities. One of the more famous facilities is LC-39A.

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A-T Technology Death Pool

A-T Technology Death Pool: The End

Way back on the 2nd of January, 2012 AD, we asked you to try and predict what technologies would find their final resting place this year. We had some interesting guesses. And a huge miss.

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Beware: Shuttle Crossing

These signs have popped up along the route Space Shuttle Atlantis will take today as it is moved on its 76-wheel Orbiter Transporter “cart” from the Vehicle Assembly Building to its retirement home at the Visitor Center outside Kennedy Space Center’s gates. The trip is 9.8 miles, is expected to take about 12 […]

Weekend Entertainment

And now for something completely different…

[Our beloved HycoSpeed has been abducted and forced to do exactly what he’s wanted to do his entire life.  It’s terrible, I know.  Acting as doppelgänger, I have hacked into his account and made a few posts on his behalf, but I’m running out of pre-composed material.  He sends me tidbits now and then, but I’m pretty much winging it now.  Unfortunately for you, I’m nowhere near as amusing, nor as well-versed in obscure tech, but I do have some familiarity with a few specific fields of tech.  If you’ll bear with me, I’ll do my best to make your weekends seem less empty.]

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Yo Professor, What’s Another Word for Pirate Treasure?

Why, I do believe it’s booty. B-B-B-Booty.


Image from


Concepts of the Space Shuttle

One of the best uses of the internet, other than pr0n, is the amazing collections of old images that can be found on various sites. Flickr, in a bid to stay relevant, has been working with various museums to get the museum’s image collection hosted on Flickr’s servers. One such museum is the awesome San Diego Air & Space Museum. You can see their whole Flickr photostream here. Buried among all the great images, are some that are truly special. I know you’re busy, so I’ll show them after the jump.

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