Startup: Success Through Failure

Image Courtesy of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Normally for Startup, I post a piece of technology that is somehow significant, or whimsical, or historically relevant, or just plain old cool. Today I’m taking a slightly different approach. Pay close attention: this is not actually a piece of technology. This is an explosion.

Now […]

Holiday Shenanigans, Spaceheads

A “Major” Christmas Eve Tradition

I grew up in the heady days of the space race, and during my “aerospace infatuation” era (roughly ages 5-15), no doll action figure was as impossibly cool as Major Matt Mason. He flew in space (very cool). He wore very believable space garb (very cool). He met …alien friends? (okay — not so believable, thus not so cool, but whatever.) Not only were Major Matt Mason toys one of my Christmas gift request staples for at least a three or four year period, but he became an annual symbol of family Christmas memories long after the last Saturn V blasted off from the Cape.
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