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SOSUS: Tracking Submarines, Whales, and Mysteries

In the years after WWII, it became increasingly apparent that the Soviets and the West were not going to be friends. The uneasy alliance that fought off the Nazis fell apart the moment Germany surrendered. The technological advancements of the war meant that the Soviets would have increased capabilities on the land, in the sky and under the ocean. That last one really worried military planners who would like to be able to warn their bosses when something bad was going to happen. One of the mechanisms they used to figure out what a modern military would need was the Committee for Undersea Warfare. This group researched the newly expanded world of submarine warfare. One of their major tasks was to develop a system that would allow the US and its allies to tell when a Soviet submarine was on the move. What they came up with is known as SOSUS.
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