Shutdown: Boom

It’s time to buzz the tower.

Image via highpowerrocketry.

Airborne Awesomosity, Military-Grade Awesome, Things that go BOOM!

Things Air Forces Do That Go BOOM!

Plane tears glorious hole in sky! Film at 5th line!

Need a wake-up call? Need an evening pick-me-up?

Put down that Red Bull, save the 5-Hour energy shot, tell your cat to keep his kneading claws retracted…

…Turn up your speakers and listen to this: Continue reading Things Air Forces Do That Go BOOM!

Supersonic Transport Week

QSST Vaporcraft Promised Boom-less Transonic Flights

The QSST concept design, (for “Quiet Supersonic Transport”) was profiled back in early 2007 in the fantastical la-la-land scientific journal that is Popular Science. Amazingly, unlike 99.9% of other PopSci features, this one seems to have fallen by the wayside on the road to reality. [Sarcasm? Me?]

Supersonic Aerospace International (SAI) supposedly designed […]