Startup: Chunky is the New Sexy

Nothing says “I’m cool” like a skin that makes your smartphone as easy to store and carry as a highway patrolman radio from the 80’s.



Startup: The Downfall of Society

Given what’s in them an what they can do and the whole convenience factor, I can actually kind of understand. But for the love of God hold it in landscape! Every time I see a viewer submitted video on the news from someone’s damn phone, I look at twelve square feet of […]

User Input

User Input: Yeah, But I Know A Guy

When I was a kid, I used to think of business travel as something glamourous. Planes, hotels, taxis, sushi, bellhops, room service, and Keebler Elf sized shampoo. After getting a job that sometimes requires me to travel, the gloss has faded quite a bit. For starters, as we talked about the other day, […]

Stealth Week, User Input

User Input: Dressing Down

Wow! It's like your laptop isn't even there!

A little over a decade ago, showing off your personal gadgets were a major part of geek cred. Cell phones were brazenly holstered to belts, laptops were toted in cases that practically screamed “I have a laptop in me!”, and nerds everywhere secretly […]