Startup: Might Be History

Some hipsters competing to see who’s ska ukelele vinyl is the most underground, as photographed by another hipster with one of those camera filter apps for his smartphone.

Or possibly listening booths at an HMV store in London in 1955. I can’t tell any more.



Startup: Stress Therapy

Every. Damn. Day.



Startup: Exactly What It Says On The Box

I love it when they skip the marketing lingo.



Startup: The Walmart Game

Sorry everyone, I’ve got nothin’ today, so we’re going to play The Walmart Game. Pick three items, any three, that you could likely find at Walmart. Goal is to find a combination that freaks out the cashier.



Startup: iKitty

Not only do I save money by not having to buy kibble, but I can charge my iPhone by tossing it in the litter box. Yeah, that’s not an easy setup for Apple haters.