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Extraordinarily Stupid Road Trip – Part 5

As our crazy caravan passed into the hills of southern Oregon I had been spritzed by a few rain showers, and dumped on by a few angry clouds right about the same time I realized the ZomBee no longer had wipers…

And that is when it really started raining.

We were now hauling ass downhill, once again passing our train of Big-Rig friends – the road-spray and darkness making it pretty hard to see. I grabbed a micro-fiber towel I keep on hand just in case of such an emergency and tried to wipe the windshield from over the top, but could no longer reach my hand through the gap because the new roof  panel was in the way. Reaching my hand out the window and around the roll cage only resulted in the towel flailing everywhere BUT the windshield, so I ended up flicking the bright yellow towel through the roof gap and “licking” the windscreen with it, which did not have much effect but probably looked funny as hell.

I flashed my lights to signal mike something was wrong but the lights went out completely. Again. Continue reading Extraordinarily Stupid Road Trip – Part 5

A-T Exclusive

Extraordinarily Stupid Road Trip – Part One

You might have seen this photo before...

(Author’s note; Recently on our sister site Hooniverse, chief blooger Jeff Glooker detailed an epic cross country trip to deliver an old sports car out to the East coast. While Jeff  and his brother traveled in opulent luxury surrounded by such extravagances as seat cushions, windows and door handles, another road trip saga was playing out in an entirely different direction.  Here then is part one of that “other” story…)

It all started with an email, “Hey Sparky, wanna race the Saab?”

Oh dear. I was afraid of this. Again.

This one question would set in motion a series of events that would not only nearly kill this author several times and entangle a large cast of misfit-characters, but create a swath of confusion that spanned three states and thousands of miles along the beautiful Pacific Northwest highway system.

The originator of the email was none other than our own resident crazy-man Mike, aka MDHarrell, who has repeatedly demonstrated (beyond any reasonable doubt) that “Clearly, he is the crazier one”. Continue reading Extraordinarily Stupid Road Trip – Part One

Idiotic or Inspired?

Single Wheel Trailers

Wait... what?

How does THAT work?!?

Once upon a time, back in the early 50’s Grandpa “Sparky” drove cross-country out to California, much as he had done several decades earlier during the Great Depression. Only then it was as an Okie trying to escape the Dust Bowl, eventually joining the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) of FDR’s New Deal and then on to the US Navy where he would find himself on Ford Island smack-dab in the middle of the “Day of Infamy”.

This occasion however, had a much rosier outlook; the middle-aged Navy Chief and WWII vet who would eventually become a walking history lesson was being transferred out to the west coast for his next duty at the Alameda Naval Air Station with a young family in tow.

The family Plymouth was stuffed with small children and supplies, while hitched to the rear bumper was a unique flatbed one-wheel trailer he purchased just for the trip out to the sunshine state… Continue reading Single Wheel Trailers