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Extraordinarily Stupid Road Trip – Part 5

As our crazy caravan passed into the hills of southern Oregon I had been spritzed by a few rain showers, and dumped on by a few angry clouds right about the same time I realized the ZomBee no longer had wipers…

And that is when it really started raining.

We were now hauling ass […]

A-T Exclusive

Extraordinarily Stupid Road Trip – Part One

You might have seen this photo before…

(Author’s note; Recently on our sister site Hooniverse, chief blooger Jeff Glooker detailed an epic cross country trip to deliver an old sports car out to the East coast. While Jeff and his brother traveled in opulent luxury surrounded by such extravagances as seat cushions, windows and […]

Idiotic or Inspired?

Single Wheel Trailers

How does THAT work?!?

Once upon a time, back in the early 50’s Grandpa “Sparky” drove cross-country out to California, much as he had done several decades earlier during the Great Depression. Only then it was as an Okie trying to escape the Dust Bowl, eventually joining the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) of FDR’s […]