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Like the Sands of Time Through an Hourglass

A jet turbine is a carefully engineered piece of rotating machinery, with close tolerances being essential to safe and efficient operation. Many military and civilian applications of turbine engines, however, require operations in sub-optimal conditions. Sand, dust, and even salt water can impinge on the rapidily rotating blades inside the engine and quickly cause severe erosion.

The solution to this problem may surprise you with its simplicity, and yet is a quite effective means of cleaning intake air. Continue reading Like the Sands of Time Through an Hourglass

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User Input: Keep It Simple

Trailer Trash Ladybug

Whenever I go travelling, there is usually a large assortment of various cameras that get packed into bags and come along with me. In all honesty, I have no idea why I bother. There’s a simple portable point-and-shoot that fits neatly into a pocket; there’s a larger point-and-shoot that the […]


Startup: Good Cheese

99% of the time, if you see something advertised on an infomercial, or in the style of one (magic jack, I’m looking at you), you can be damn sure that it’s just a piece of cheesy crap and not worth your money. This would appear to be one of those things, but amazingly is […]


Startup: Going Green for Hallowe’en

This nasty looking thing is the blade from a pumpkin carving knife. It needs to have fairly aggressive teeth to tear through the skin and flesh of a gourd, but also be thin and flexible to make it easy to change direction and make curved cuts. We’re lucky to have such specialized tools for […]

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Startup: Two Wrongs Can Make A Right

Everything tastes better when it comes from a Mason jar.

Okay fine, this isn’t really a technology article, but it’s an entertaining bit of problem solving that made me laugh. A few months ago, CaffeineFuelled bought herself a nice bottle of wine from a winery she was already quite fond of. She was […]

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The Shortest Distance

They say the shortest distance between two points is in a straight line. But what happens when that straight line is up the side of a giant hill? A road would have to zig zag back and forth. Not short. A road straight up the hill would be too steep for anything with less than 300 hp, and wouldn’t be ADA compliant. Catapults would be cool, but someone might bruise their head and sue.

Enter the funicular railway.
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