SX-70 Sunday


The Polaroid SX-70 was a folding single lens camera which made by Polaroid Corporation from 1972-1981. This was the first of the Polaroid cameras that was truly ‘instant’, automatically spitting out the photo the way most of us think of when we think Polaroid! The earlier cameras required much more knowledgeable interaction to get the pictures out and developed without chemicals all over your hands. To showcase the awesomeness that was this new camera, Polaroid made a nice little infomercial, which you can find after the jump. Check out!

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What Ever Became of…Instant Cameras?

The demise of the Polaroid Instant Camera and the stopping of manufacture of film for said cameras and the efforts of such wondrous innovators as The Impossible Project have all been well documented here.  Recently, however, I have become aware of the existence of other instant cameras made by other companies, in other […]