Vanishing History


A while back we had a couple posts about Oak Ridge, TN (here and here) and its role in the development of nuclear weapons in the US. The K-25 plant, the largest building by volume in the world at the time of it’s completion, was sort of the centerpiece of the Uranium enrichment activities at Oak Ridge. By 1964, however, the gaseous diffusion processes used in K-25 were no longer needed and the building was shut down.

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Atomic Awesome

America’s Secret Government Town Part Deux

Construction of the K-25 Plant with one of the original homes in the area.

Within 3 years, the government had built a bustling city. One that technically didn’t exist, yet was important to our understanding of the atom. Technically called the Clinton Engineer Works, the name Oak Ridge was chosen in 1943 to give the town a more civilian sounding name.
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Atomic Awesome

America’s Secret Government Town

In east Tennessee is the idyllic town you see above. It looks like any other small town in America. In 1945 it had a population of 75,000. Ten schools fed children’s brains. Seventeen restaurants and thirteen supermarkets fed their bellies. A library, churches, parks, sporting facilities adn even a symphony orchestra make it hard to distinguish from any other small town. Except for one big thing.
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Weekend outings – Favorite Parks


Now that summer is around the corner and (many) schools are slowly letting out for that annual right of passage (formerly) known as summer vacation, as the weekends approach our thoughts naturally turn towards road trips and favorite destinations, be it the camping trip you are planning or memories of years gone by.

Monitors get turned off, vehicles get loaded up, high-tech tents, do-dads and sleeping bags get packed, and the masses hit the road for some fresh air, campfire-smoke and a healthy dose of bug-bites.

This is a primal calling; an attempt to try and get away from it all…

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