Shutdown: Easy!

If Asimov says it’s easy, it’s easy, okay?!

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Startup: Alien vs Predator

When they both realized it was a stalemate, they headed over the the tethernuke post to settle things once and for all.


AT Book Club

Toasters Reads: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I recently downloaded the Kindle application for my cellular phone, because while I do enjoy reading real book, and probably next to that, books on the Kindle, my phone is the one thing that I always seem to have on me when I come across a spare moment in which to read.  As […]

Military-Grade Awesome



This happens to be a holiday weekend in the US, because on Monday we will remember those that have lost their lives in defense of this country and her freedoms.  Knowing that we have a bit of a diverse and multicultural crowd here at Atomic Toasters, I am going to try to balance the patriotic-type tribute that will run later today with a look at some military strategy of another group of rebels fighting the tyranny and oppression of a sweeping empire. I think you know the Rebel Alliance and Empire in question, and the battle we will be looking at starts out the film The Empire Strikes Back, the Battle of Hoth.  This careful analysis comes by way of Spencer Ackerman at’s Danger Room and can be found in its entirety there.  Hit the jump to get a taste of what you will find there!

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Startup: The Inventor of Sci-Fi

Hugo Gernsback (pictured here wearing television glasses in 1963) was an inventor and prolific writer. While his stories are largely regarded as pathetic as far as literature goes, the visionary settings they took place in earned him a place as the creator of the sci-fi genre. Today, the Hugo awards are given each year […]

AT Book Club

Toasters Reads: The Pilgrim Project


A few weeks back we looked at a speech memo written for the US President in the event that some catastrophe befell the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and they were unable to return to Earth.  In the write up for that, I mentioned that some other posts sort of along a similar vein would be forthcoming, and this look at the science fiction book The Pilgrim Project, by Hank Searls, is the first of those.  When I came across that memo, this story was the first thing that popped into my head.  This book seems to be somewhat of an unknown, and was one of those books that my family just happened to own when I was growing up, and my brother and I read it as our interest in space and technology began to grow.  For those of you [Professor, cough, cough] that might have been around, you may recall a film entitled Countdown, make in 1968 and based on this book.  Reviews indicate the film was somewhat forgettable, and likely overshadowed by the actual Moon landing the following year.

The Pilgrim Project seems to have been inspired by actual ideas tossed around during the early days of the space race, and that always made it more interesting to me.  In 1962, at a symposium in New York, members of the Institute of Aerospace Sciences proposed sending an astronaut on a one-way trip to the Moon.  This was no suicide mission, but a long term mission.  The theory was that we had rockets powerful enough to get someone to the Moon, but not to execute the then early plans for an Apollo type mission, where an orbiting capsule would send a lander down and then back up, then safely return to Earth.  Instead, a simple capsule would land the intrepid astronaut on the lunar surface, and a separate launch from those same less powerful boosters would sent up a living quarters.  Then those same rockets would launch re-supply containers at frequent intervals, until such time, perhaps a year or two in the future, the Saturn booster was ready for a full Apollo mission, at which point our lonely explorer would stand relieved and return to Earth.

Why go to extremes to get to the Moon? To beat the Russians, of course!

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Startup: Even Daleks Have To Poo




Startup: This End Away From Face

I stumbled across this and honestly have no idea. Theories anyone? I think for once it may not be photoshop. Perhaps a prop from a sci-fi flick. Something tells me the guy in the photo is as baffled as I am. Even as a prop, I get the feeling it would keep unwanted […]


Shutdown: Time to Eat

Now what goes with this?

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Startup: Alien Wormhole Calculator Plan Backfires


For decades our planet was bombarded with alien technology. While appearing to be an abacus under the influence of LSD, this complex device was actually a form of abacus for calculating the event horizon and energy alignment threshold for opening transport wormholes throughout the galaxy. Wormholes are, of course, directional, so to […]