Apollo 13 at LC-39A

As you read this, I’m on an airplane heading back down to Kennedy Space Center to try to convince them that I know what I’m doing. My work is at Pad B, which is a near-duplicate of Pad A shown above. Unfortunately, neither one will see a Saturn V for a very long […]


Up Goer Five

Via xkcd.

Tech Showdown

F1 vs. F1

A Formula 1 car is one of the most technologically advanced road-going machines created by man. Capable of speeds of nearly 200 mph, the engines that propel the F1 car bear little resemblance to the engine under the hood of your car.

On the other hand, the Saturn V rockets with their five F1 engines on the first stage propelled man to one of his greatest achievements…walking on the moon. A rocket motor, it is nothing like the engine in your car.

This leads us to the most logical question — how do they compare?

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Shutdown: A Man and his Rocket

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Werner von Braun and his greatest triumph.

Vintage Celluloid

Vintage Celluloid


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When the parade is over, we can go watch cartoons.

And now…

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Atomic Awesome, Startup

Startup: Lego Has Never Been Cooler

Almost 40 years after NASA retired the Saturn V launch vehicle, they still remain one of the coolest, huge, most awesome vehicles man has ever built. Also, Lego will always be awesome. So you can’t go wrong when you put them together! Ryan McNaught built a Lego version of the Saturn V with launch […]

User Input

User Input: Cheerios for Exhaust

As engineerd™ points out, Atlantis will soon return to Earth, and the only shuttles being built will be part of an eighth grade science fair diorama. I’m not as up to speed on the space program as I probably should be, but the successor to the shuttle program, named […]


America, F*ck Yeah

While the Internet is by far the greatest of many great inventions to come out of the United States of America (I have to say so…my boss said so), the Saturn V rocket should find itself high up on the list of greats. After falling behind to the Soviets in both the first […]


Apollo 11 Launch


Last night my phone buzzed. It was a bat signal from reader Jo Schmo with the above video. Watching this video, the raw feed from camera E-8 on the mobile launch platform, you can’t help but be in awe at the power of human ingenuity. At 500 fps, this 8 minute video represents […]