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User Input: World Championship Parenting


David LaFerriere started doodling on his kids’ sandwich bags about five years ago. It’s gradually grown into something of a tradition; a daily ritual that he used to get his creative juices flowing for his work-day ahead became a beloved surprise that his kids looked forward to. He started this ritual back in 2008, when his two children were nine and ten years of age; he’s drawn one miniature masterpiece for each of them for every school day since, totalling well over 1,000 bags — and counting!

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Grilled Cheese Challenge: ACCEPTED

I doesn’t photography so good.

Well, Sparky threw down the gauntlet yesterday, and I felt I had to respond. Sadly, I did encounter some limitations, as by the time I was done work last night, it was after 9PM, and most places were already closed. This severely limited my ability to collect the required ingredients, so I’m afraid you’ll have to take this as a representative example. I suppose if I had been clever enough to head out of my way on my commute home, I could have found everything I needed in Edmonton, but in my little town, the only thing open that late is the grocery department at Wally World, and they’re not exactly renowned for their high-quality contributions to civilization.

Nevertheless, this should give you a solid idea of my version of a Grilled Cheese. And I want to make another one already.

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