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Last Call for Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus!

It’s that time of year again…

For those of you who may have missed it over on our sister site, Hooniversal Secret Ninja-Claus is back on again. You have until tomorrow to get your name into the pot if you’d like to participate.

There are two ways to ensure you’re going to be […]

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Startup: The Seatbelt Light is On

Please observe the stewardess' safety demonst... uh... wow... what was I talking about?

I’m unsure whether it’s because of the Gawkerpocalypse that’s going on right now, or whether it’s just something in the air, or even a side effect of the stresses of the Christmas season, but there’s something going on in the last few days. I’ve suddenly found myself having to go through the comments a whole lot more and delete some… shall we say… “inappropriate” ones, both here and on Hooniverse.

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