Startup: A Fitting Memorial

The original animatronic President Lincoln

Today is, of course, Memorial Day in the United States, but by a fitting coincidence it is also the 89th anniversary of the opening of the Lincoln Monument in Washington, DC, which memorializes the sixteenth president of the United States.

It is interesting, however, that this is not […]


Startup: ARMATRON!

I still remember how to work it!

This was one of the coolest toys I had as a kid, but it seems like it has very nearly been lost to the sands of time.  The Googles seemed to know very little about it, mostly because it does appear that there were quite a […]


Robonaut 2

Yeah, I look badass.

Robonaut, R2A

In case you haven’t heard by now, this is a big week in space! In addition to the Glory mission (scrubbed, rescheduled for 24FEB11, 2:09am local Pacific time Thursday morning) being launched from Vandenburg AFB, tomorrow’s Discovery launch will have a very special guest on board.

Meet R2A, a highly dexterous anthropomorphic robot scheduled to punch a one-way ticket on STS-133 and become a permanent resident on-board the ISS (International Space Station). Continue reading Robonaut 2

News Of The Weird

Robots Have Come A Long Way

Artoo is not amused. (Image courtesy of

Robots have been a staple of sci-fi movies pretty much since movies first started. In 1926, robots were a major feature of the classic silent film Metropolis, and in many ways, it’s been a long wait to see if they would ever catch up to the classic man-in-a-metal-suit imagineering of the cinemas.

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