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These High Schoolers Are Already Cooler Than Me

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When I see stories like this it gives me hope for our future. Here is a high school class who is not only building an impressive robot, but they are using it to help others and learn about a portion of history that soon will not have anyone left […]

Old School Gaming

Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots

There are times when I look back and think that maybe the 1990s were the pinnacle of video game design. Maybe it’s just because that’s when I was heavily into gaming, but it seems to me that today’s games are more derivative of the games that came out in the 1990s than anything new or creative. The first person shooter really came into its own in the 1990s. Real-time strategy games finally began living up to their hype. MMOs made me miss more than one class in college. Rise of the Robots isn’t any of those. It’s better…and worse.

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