Startup: Recycle for the Dark Side

Lord Vader says, “I find your accumulation of old crap disturbing.”


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User Input: Old Ideas, Repaired

Both Techie and myself have found ourselves, by nature of our wildly different lines of work, in similar circumstances; we’ve both found ourselves with a great deal of time spent in vehicles, driving from one point to another, with nothing much to do but watch the painted lines go past. As a result, […]

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User Input: Avoiding the Rip-Off

Problem solved!

For the media system in my office, I’ve managed to repurpose an old bookshelf audio system CaffeineFuelled found lying around in storage. You’re probably familiar with them, it’s one of those old Panasonic boxes from the ’90s, the ones with phenomenal power and a very 1990’s-futuristic design, filled with creases and […]

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User Input: Creative Repurposing II — Electrical Circuit Boogaloo

The head of our engineering department at work plopped 75 printed circuit board “trees” on my desk, each about eight inches square, still wrapped in cellophane packs from our supplier. He announced, “These are useless to us, but I hate to just dump them in a landfill. Can you think of something creative […]

Free Range Technology

Nuclear Repurposing

When you name your blog after a kitchen appliance powered by nuclear fission, you will occasionally get strange things on the tip line (which is tips at atomictoasters dot com if you have any strange things to tip us on). Most of them are quickly discarded before CardboardTube’s virgin eyes are defiled by the unsavoriness of the suggestion.

Others linger until one of us finally gets off our ass and does something with it.
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Startup: I’m Not Dead Yet!

This is what your Internets used to look like when you stepped away from the computer. Scary!

Anyone remember WAP? Sure you do, if you’ve owned a cellphone that’s not a current smart-phone. Odds are good that at some point — probably accidentally — you ended up using that poor overmatched little beast […]


Startup: Style is Subjective

Functional and Fashionable! Only not really!

Once heralded as one of the stupidest inventions of all time, the umbrella hat, believe it or not, was originally invented sometime prior to the 1890’s by Seattle’s famed “Umbrella Man”, Robert W. Patten, a colourful local celebrity, famed for his eccentricities and wild stories of his […]

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User Input: The Art of Recycling

"I think your screen saver has frozen…"

As we talked about earlier this morning, there are a number of clever people out there who are finding creative ways to repurpose old bits of technology that have no further use for.

Our personal favourite has to be the ubiquitous Macquarium. Take any old all-in-one […]

Free Range Technology, Startup

Startup: Coming Around Again

The business end of an English Wheel.

The English Wheel is a piece of technology that largely fell out of favour towards the latter half of the 20th century, largely due to the rise of alternate technologies. As manufacturing processes became more available, as a metalwork technique, it fell almost exclusively into the […]