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Bears in the Air


The Cold War we all know and love hasn’t really been the same since the USSR sort of stopped being quite so united and quite so Soviet.  But as we have seen from our own engineerd™, the Russian still engage in a little bit of saber rattling, thanks to the extended range and patrol capability they have in the Tu-95 Bear.  Beginning production in 1956, the Bear has been coming to visit just off the shores of the US of A and O Canada both for a good many years, as well as our friends in Europe.  As such there have been a good number of times in which the country being patrolled has felt it was in their best interest to send out an escort plane, just to say hello.

Well, back when engineerd™ wrote about the Bears last year, a kind gentleman sent us a few photos that held a slightly different perspective on such intercepts, photos that we totally forgot about have been saving for a special occasion.  We are all used to seeing what it looked like from the perspective of the forces of good in the world, holding the hordes at bay.  As it turns out, the forces of the evil empire had cameras as well, albeit somewhat lower quality.  The pictures were collected and sent in to your Toasters staff by a fellow by the name of Miguel Vargas-Caba, who just happens to be working on a book covering the Bear patrols of the Cold War.  Hit the jump to take a look at the pictures, and I’ll give our friend a little free advertising.

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