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Point Defense – When All Else Fails Be Really Different

Focke Wulf Triebfluegel


Desperation can lead to creativity. When you have nothing else to lose you will look into every option possible. This led to one of the more interesting designs in the wars waning days with that in mind we look at our next point defense aircraft.


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Airborne Awesomosity

Bizarre French Ramjets

Look at the aircraft above. It’s called the Leduc 0.22. It’s an experimental French ramjet from the mid-1950s. It’s bizarre, crazy and worthy of our attention.
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Startup: What Could Be More Awesome Than Flame Shockwaves?

The Pratt & Whitney J58 showing off its shock-waves.

For those of you unfamiliar, please meet the astonishing Pratt & Whitney J58, which may be the most convincing argument in favour of hybrid technology I’ve ever heard. Oh sure, it’s not a hybrid in the boring sense of a Toyota Prius, but strap […]