Idiotic or Inspired?

Saturday Star


Star radial that is, and quite the diminutive one at that! Right after the jump, check out a video of a double star radial engine, built by José Manuel Hermo Barreiro “Patelo”. “10 cylinders and 10 longitudinal camshafts drafts to 36º. It´s made with artisanal methods.It has variable pitch propeller, works with compressed air and with only 0,2 kg/cm2. The diameter of the cylinders is 18 mm and the stroke of the pistons is 16 mm. The displacement is 40,7 cm3. Probably it´s the smallest double star engine of the world.” I don’t know about you, but ‘probably‘ is good enough for me! There is some very impressive tiny workmanship here, so take a look!

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The Style of Technology

Tiny Radial Engine

The radial engine is gorgeous. With its one or two rows of radially-mounted pistons, adorned in cooling fins, it can be as much art as it is engineering triumph. As if that wasn’t enough, a man named José Manuel Hermo Barreiro has built a double-star radial engine in small scale that he can drive with air. It’s incredible the craftsmanship that went into this engine’s creation. Hit the jump for a video of it being created, assembled, and run.
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