The Heroes of Summer


There exists a place in Detroit that, unlike the city surrounding it, has bucked the laws of physics. Entropy seems to have no hold on it. Instead, it has come back from ruin. It is becoming better, rather than decaying. Every summer this place seems to awaken. Much like a slumbering bear, early summer brings the first stirrings. The sounds of lawnmowers and weed whips. Soon, each Saturday exhibits more and more activity as concrete is poured, repairs are made, and things just get a little bit more better. That place is the Dorais Velodrome. It and the surrounding 33-acre park are a glimmer of hope to those hoping, praying and working for a better tomorrow in Detroit.

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Startup: Even Better Than Recycling

OK I’m confused… did he not drink the beer, thus leaving him skilled and clear-headed enough to build it? Or did he, in fact, drink the beer (and it’s brothers) thus giving him the correct combination of bored and intoxicated to think, “Hey, with a little farting around, I bet I could make this […]