Startup: This Stuff Practically Writes Itself

And I thought only coffee shops were supposed to have annoyingly whimsical names. Punsters, start your engines.



Startup: The Truth About The Oscars

What’s that? You haven’t won an Oscar? Well don’t feel bad, if you get up close, it actually just makes lame puns and complains a lot.



Startup: No Wait, Lemme Guess

I’m not sure who created this image, by the time it got to me that info had been obscured, along with the title so I have no idea what it’s supposed to be called. I think the idea here is that his face is made up of pages from a magazine or […]


Startup: Take A Geek To The Food Court And This Happens

How are your soba noodles? A little Chewie.

Asian food, Star Wars, and puns. I couldn’t possibly resist.



Startup: A Message From The RTS Community

It’s awful. I know. I’m sorry.

But I love it.


User Input

User Input: A Good Pun Is Its Own Reword

Last, week, when I asked how to refer to you, the Nuclear Opinion Reactor, I was met with a baker’s dozen of bread and toast related puns. It was delightful, as are you, the Geekland Comment Command. It wasn’t the first time either, as the Brown-N-Serve Egghead Patrol has kept the IntenseDebate databases […]