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Carrier donuts

Carrier donuts


USS Coral Sea (CV-43) – the 3rd and final ship of the WWII era Midway class Aircraft Carriers, shows off with a demonstration of just how incredibly maneuverable these ships were, 1953.

Along with her older sisters USS Midway (CV-41) and USS Franklin D Rosevelt (CV-42), these triplets were the US Navy’s first “Super-carriers” as they were then known, a superlative that would eventually come to describe the much larger Forrestal design, and even more so those that followed. But for nearly a decade, these three remained the largest and most capable warships in the world.

They had some inherent sea-keeping issues such as a low freeboard – the flightdeck wasn’t very high so bluewater (unbroken waves) would regularly crash over the bow in high seas. And they tended to bob like corks… especially the Midway which had its hull widened to address the freeboard issue, only to create an even bigger monster with a fast roll center, which also caused the ship to corkscrew in rough weather.  It was such a wild ride our system’s gyros would regularly go on the fritz during storms, necessitating a trip up the aft radar tower to fix them, in the rain, in the dark, with only a red penlight to see with, trying not to short anything out or electrocute yourself while planes tried in vain to land down below you. Good times!

These 3 sisters were known to cause the sea-legs of even the saltiest sailors to wobble as they chewed on crackers, even more so than the smaller escort ships that accompanied her (which we joked went over one wave, then under two). They certainly put hair on the chest of all who sailed upon her decks.

BUT, they could also turn on Neptune’s dime.

Nearly 40 years after the lead photo was taken, in February 1991 we would have some fun with that maneuverability Continue reading “LEFT FULL RUDDER!”


Startup: Engineers Are Evil

The Dog House Diaries is a bit like if The Oatmeal and XKCD had a secret lovechild. It hasn’t matched its parents’ level of cleverness or accomplishment, but it’s showing promise.


Results of yesterday’s The Walmart Game:

1st place: tiberiusẅisë – capped pipe, black powder, safety fuse (I’m guessing extreme birthday candle?)

2nd place: […]

User Input

User Input: Short-Form Humour

Look closely!

Our own lilwillie has been having a bit of fun with some of his suppliers; after several attempts to leave delivery instructions for one particular delivery person, he realized nobody was paying any attention to the “notes from customer” section. If nobody was going to read the notes, he might as […]


Startup: The Slippery Slope of the Office Menace

Not satisfied with a simple pea-shooter, somebody had to go get all creative. Sure, it looks cool now, but what happens when ping pong balls aren’t enough? What happens when someone loads gold balls in there? Where does the madness stop? How long before we’re all slaves to to might of the terrifying […]


Startup: Separation Anxiety

Wow, three days in a row of something photographed through ground based magnification. We’re on a roll.

If you didn’t know what it was, your first glimpse of this sight might make you think the North Koreans were finally successful. Fear not, it’s just the Solid Rocket Boosters separating from the shuttle at […]


Startup: Always Read The Fine Print

Click the image to (slightly) enlarge

My signature on my email at work is the usual boring stuff: contact info, a couple of certifications that may or may not be relevant. I don’t go for the boilerplate legalese. At home, my personal email is a round-robin of a few hundred little quotes and […]


Startup: Too Good To Be True or Too Bad To Be Fake

In 2002, prankster Andy Bichlebaum got invited to present in Finland on behalf of the World Trade Organization. What the conference organizers failed to notice was that his web site,, was a spoof of the WTO and not the actual WTO. At the conference, he gave a stunning lecture outlining the WTO’s stance […]

User Input

User Input: Original Prankster

Ah XKCD, you have commentary for anything.

A good laugh used to be a simple endeavor: light the bag, ring the bell, and run. Nobody does this anymore, mostly because anyone of the age that does that kind of thing is too busy texting to lift their heads long enough to […]