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User Input: Creative Vandalism

Yesterday, sometime in the very early morning, someone went around to all the signs welcoming visitors to the City of Edmonton, and… modified the signs. Where they had formerly read “City of Champions”, the signs were replaced with various different messages: “City of Speed Traps”, “Road Construction City”, “City of Potholes”, among others. But […]


Startup: New Smiley Predates The Smiley!

Most computer nerds know the story of how the smiley was invented on the CMU digital bulletin board in 1982. If you don’t, you can find it here. tl;dr – People started to confuse which posts were serious, and which were sarcastic, so someone suggested a :-) in the subject line for clarity.

But […]


Startup: Dickhead vs Moron

Remember, don’t settle for any laborer. A union man always gets the job done without delay! And just look at those crisp, clean, high quality lines.


User Input

User Input: Short-Form Humour

Look closely!

Our own lilwillie has been having a bit of fun with some of his suppliers; after several attempts to leave delivery instructions for one particular delivery person, he realized nobody was paying any attention to the “notes from customer” section. If nobody was going to read the notes, he might as […]

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User Input: Accidental Destruction


Some of us here in the AtomicToasters community have the good fortune to have a job that involves destroying things. I am not one of them, and I admit to a significant level of jealousy. I should think it would be a great way to relieve stress in the workplace, when your […]


Startup: You SonOfA…

Though largely good natured, most of Superman’s DC cohort grew tired of his practical jokes and shenanigans.



Startup: Dr. Evil’s Fan

There are two possibilities here: either this air conditioner was commissioned by a super villain; or, a copy writer was extremely bored at work and his editor is either lazy, or more likely doesn’t exist. Citing Occam’s razor, the super villian explanation took fewer words; therefore, it is the simpler explanation; therefore, is the […]


Startup: Start a Conversation You Don’t Want to Have

Fred Studios came up with this nifty 2GB USB flash drive about 4 years ago, and it has since been discontinued. I know I’ve seen 2GB drives for sale at [insert: storename(any)] recently, so I doubt limited capacity is the reason it’s no longer for sale. I’m guessing it’s because it only ever started […]

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User Input: We’ll Call It A Social Experiment

Totally inconspicuous.

If money were no object, I’d buy myself a generic-looking panel van. No, not to write “FREE CANDY” on the sides and drive it slowly past elementary schools to time how long it takes until I get arrested. That’s sick and wrong. Funny, but wrong.

No, I’d buy a panel van, […]

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User Input: Practically Innocent

In the spirit of yesterday’s oh-so-entertaining April Fool’s tradition, the above is a screen capture for a School District website that one of the AtomicToasters staff may or may not be involved with. Probably not. Do you see the tremendously subtle joke that snuck through the administrative filters? If not, hit the jump for a closer look

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