Covet Thy Neighbours' Swag

The First Power Station


If you’ve ever been to Germany, you probably visited one or more palaces. These incredible homes with gardens that seemingly stretch on forever show how rich of a history Germany has. One of these palaces made history in 1878 when it had the world’s first power station.

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Genius Innovators

Fair Lane: A House And A Personal Power Plant


If you read cruisintime‘s comment yesterday, you’ll know what this is. If not, let me explain. That’s a power plant. It is on Henry Ford’s Fair Lane estate in Dearborn, MI. When you’re an industrial giant and Thomas Edison is your BFF, you can build your own power plant just for you (and a little bit for the surrounding town).

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Genius Innovators

Vulcan Street Power Plant: A Power Plant In A Shed


Back in 1882, in those nascent years of the light bulb, getting electricity generated became kind of a big deal. In Appleton, WI, it would lead to the first Edison hydroelectric power plant producing a whopping 12.5 kW.

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Want to Explore a Historic Steam Powerplant?

On a uncharacteristically beautiful, warm, and non-rainy day in Seattle, I grabbed my cameras and headed south to the industrial district to scout locations for zombie horror films take some photos of old buildings. Wandering around Boeing Field, I noticed a sign for the Georgetown Power Plant Museum … and lo and behold, it turned out to be the once-monthly day where the historic steam plant is open to the public. Score!

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Pushing Boundaries, The Style of Technology

The Tower of (Solar) Power

No, it's not a religious icon, it's a power plant. Which... is a kind of religious icon, I suppose.

Looking like some sort of alien obelisk in a cheesy sci-fi movie, this new version of solar power generation was sent in to us by the incomparable Number_Six.

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Startup: Deep, Hot, and Full of Energy

Geothermal energy is a bit like that old joke about the world’s oldest profession. Despite what our minds might want to think, a teacher is probably the oldest profession; the same is true of geothermal energy. In some way or other, it has been used for thousands of years.

A geothermal power plant.