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Like A Duck Taking To Baseball


Aside from the radio, I don’t even know where to start.

The greatest spectacles in sports and competition have the most talented people doing the most extraordinary things. Part of the delight is relating back to games we played as children. We know the goals, but professional players show us what we didn’t know was possible. [1]
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Tournament of Monsters, User Input

Tournament of Monsters: HAL 9000 vs. GLaDOS

Artificial Intelligence has been a central tenet of science fiction for a very long time, and with varying degrees of sophistication. These two examples have managed to weave their way into the fabric of popular culture like few others. HAL served as the template for an entire generation of intelligent computing, both fictional […]

User Input

User Input: Faithful Adaptation

It’s no secret that we here at the AtomicToasters Galactic Central Command are fans of our video games. Even when I can’t claim to be as hardcore a gamer as some, we all tend to make a point of diving into a good franchise from time to time. Part of that is borne […]


Startup: Chell’s Little Brother

Looks like the Aperture Science Long Fall Boots are closer to a reality than previously thought. If you don’t get that reference, go play Portal already.


User Input

User Input: AtomicToasters 8-Bit Philharmonic Orchestra

Orchestras are the coolest, man!

Orchestras are the coolest, man!

We’ve been periodically using the tag “AtomicToasters 8-Bit Philharmonic Orchestra for some time now, almost since the earliest days of the site. While the 8-bit aspect of it does tend to make for some fantastic music, as demonstrated all those years ago with the original Nintendo console, and the old Nokia ringtones, we’re thinking it’s time to upgrade.

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Startup: Last Minute Gift Idea

I just love all things Portal, and you have to admit this is pretty clever.

User Input

User Input: Easter Eggs

I’ve got a feeling of Deja Vu…

I have a PVR now, which is tremendously exciting to me, except for the fact that it keeps filling up with stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Apparently I don’t watch television very often, so the shows I want to watch very quickly start clogging up my storage server, and then suddenly I need to go watch things so I can delete them. It’s funny how television can actually become a chore. I’m a bit amazed by that.

While shuffling through the hundreds of shows I perpetually want to watch but not right now, I discovered the very first episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I haven’t actually watched that since 1995, or whenever it aired, and I think the first time, I missed the first few seconds. That may be one of the best Star Trek in-jokes, aside from the presence of R2-D2 in the latest Star Trek movie. I won’t explain, because I’ve got the clip below the jump, but it’s a cute little homage. I particularly like it because I do have an established love of in-jokes and easter eggs, so this tickled my inner geek in delightful ways.

What’s the greatest hidden reference, in-joke or easter egg you’ve stumbled across?

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Startup: Modern Art – For Science!

Usually when you’re a multi-billion dollar research company hell bent on making mantis-men and rampant AI, you don’t make it so obvious. This is, in fact, a sculpture called “emptyful” that the good people of Winnipeg, Manitoba paid (whether they wanted to or not, apparently) $575,000 to have installed downtown behind the public […]


Startup: DIY Incendiary Device Kit

Another thinly veiled Portal reference. If you don’t get it, play it. Trust me, it’s worth it.



Cake is Involved…

Cake? I like cake…