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User Input: Finite Longevity

Like this, only not real.

For Christmas one year, my parents finally fulfilled a wish I had stubbornly repeated for several years, and bought me the remote-control car I had longed for. Interestingly, I had never requested any specific car, which they told me was a bit surprising for me. I simply wanted […]

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User Input: Technology Reimagined

Top Gear has spent a fair bit of time in the last few seasons drooling over a couple of boutique automobiles, specifically the Eagle E-Type Speedster and, more recently, the Singer Porsche 911. We don’t blame them one bit. These vehicles are amazing, and so drool-worthy they make one consider new career options […]

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User Input: Fond Memories of Materialism

A scaled-up version of my remote-control car.

When I was just a little Deartháirling, my parents surprised me on one Christmas morning with a present I was only barely able to comprehend, never mind fully appreciate. It was a remote-controlled Porsche 944 race car, and it was almost as big as I was. […]

Idiotic or Inspired?

The Fletcher Flair: A Crazy Floating Porsche Jeep Thing

The Fletcher brothers had a habit of creating great things that just didn’t quite work out. They formed their company, Fletcher Aviation, to try and win an Army contract for a basic trainer aircraft in 1941. The Army only showed brief interest in the plane, but their intention would be to use it as a target drone. Insulting.
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Shutdown – Sledding

Uses include: going fast, going really fast, breaking your neck.

Yeah, it’s a late shutdown.  I’m on Christmas break and didn’t realize it was Tuesday.  Sue me.

I’m waiting for some friends to come home for Christmas to help me with my insanity.  Not to fix it, but to encourage it.  In Canada, […]