What Ever Became of…Popcorn?

Growing up, I did a brief stint in the Cub Scouts. Like any such youth organization, there was yearly fundraising involved, of course in addition to whatever my parents paid for uniforms and enrollment fees. For those that don’t know, the Girl Scouts get cookies, and the Boy Scouts sell popcorn. Now, […]


Startup: Monaco’s Open Air Cinema

Yesterday, engineerd™ talked about the first “for talkies” theatre on Catalina Island which reminded me of this fantastic place. A few years back I spent a couple of weeks in Monaco, and after taking in the prince’s palace and the famous Oceanographic Museum, I caught a movie in this former rose garden. Located on […]

Startup, The Style of Technology

Startup: Grab A Bowl And Get Comfortable

Cosmetic trim? Wouldn't see that anymore. (Image from Crumblin Down's Flickr Feed)

As we kick off our second week of AtomicToasters, we need to bring out a bit of tradition. There is something of an art to a good bowl of popcorn, and when you find a theatre that still serves it correctly, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

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