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User Input: Only The Good Die Young

Mr_Biggles points out an article on LifeHacker around how long a hard drive in storage can retain data. Someone in the commentariat told of an old IDE drive he discovered that still ran like new; for some reason they felt it necessary to mention that it was discovered after moving to Canada… and […]

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User Input: Hey, the [insert decade here]’s Called…

Engineerd™ mentioned yesterday that he didn’t care whether or not his new car stereo had a CD player. That both made sense to me and left me a little dumbfounded. Not to date myself, but I can remember finally getting rid of the old Malibu and its 8-track player and going to cassette, then […]

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User Input: Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

The other day, we talked about “elegant” solutions – exemplified by the clicker in your car’s signal light. A side effect of the inherent design also served a useful purpose. Today, I’m more interested in the inelegant solutions. Stupid things we’ve done on purpose because we had to. Back in June, German scientists decided to fix the problem of bike helmets being used even after taking damage that made them unsafe. Their solution was to make the helmets out of a material that stinks to high heaven when you crack it. Beautiful. Way to fight stupid with stupid.

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User Input: They’ll Never Build One Big Enough

The TS-1000 pictured here was my oldest computer. Not my first, mind you – I bought it at a garage sale for a laugh. And a laugh it was. Like the picture, mine not only had the 4KB of built-in memory, but the 16KB expansion module. At the time, 4MB was standard RAM on […]


Startup: Sometimes Simplest is Best

Mine still worked perfectly, even 40 years later.

For most of the 1960’s, Rambler, the flagship brand of American Motors, used a simple bag like this one to provide a fluid reservoir for their windshield washer system. There was a simple pump, on a pedal just below the dashboard. To wash the windshield, […]