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Soviet Saturday


I have no idea how you would say GIMP in Russian, but back in the days of the glorious Soviet Republic, they were getting digital with photo retouching. Hit the jump to see a circa 1987 video of just such digital action!

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What Ever Became of…Un-Shopped Photos?

We like to think of photos as capturing a little moment of the world around us, a reality freeze frame.  With the digital photography revolution, it has become even simpler to constantly carry a camera and snap a picture. Along with the ease of photography has come the ease of image manipulation, which brings us to our question today. Is there a such thing anymore as a plain, unfiltered, unaltered photographic image? Between filters, effects, and re-touching, just to name a few, photos now are tweaked before display, even instantly via many a cell phone app or camera tool.

But, on a more philosophical note, can we really say that technology has changed the art of photography all that much, or just the tools? A photograph was never really exactly a perfect representation of the real world as seen in person. The field of view is limited, the point of view pre-selected, the light collected by an imperfect lens, and then the film must be developed carefully. Techniques to modify and alter images aren’t exactly new (tune in later to see more about this).

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User Input

User Input: Destroyed by Advancements

I can't decide if this is a huge improvement, or blasphemy of the highest order.

In last night’s Shutdown, the Professor posted some really cool renditions of A Starry Night, remade for the modern era. Now, certainly, they’re not as impressive as Van Gogh’s original, but they’re still quite well done. The advent […]


Startup: Photoshop for Douchebags

Yes, that’s it right there. You’re  a master now.


User Input

User Input: Lingering Regrets

Today a very special milestone has been reached in this our internet age–the 20th anniversary of the first image posted on the web. The image is the same you see above, and like much of our recent technology news comes from that bastion of Swiss science, CERN. It is in fact a homemade promotional […]


Startup: Metashop

I thought this was fantastically meta, but might only make sense to people who have used Photoshop. Have you not used Photoshop? You really should try. It’s really expensive and super hard to figure out, but there’s no reason for you not to be as frustrated as the rest of us.

Image credit to Jim somebody. […]