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Ode To The Penny


Yesterday, the Canadian Mint shocked the world of high finance with its announcement that the Canadian penny is no longer legal tender. They will now begin cashing out penny pinchers and melting the coins down to make steam punk inspired suits of armor for the RCMP. The penny-ending discussion comes up from time to time here south of the border, as well. In 2012, the US Mint said that each penny costs them 2 cents to produce. Inflation over the last two centuries has made the penny often more of a burden than a blessing. However, I believe we should keep it.

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User Input: A Nickel For Your Thoughts

Various Pennies

A few months ago we discussed whether cash money would eventually fade out of existence in the face of digital alternatives. That day isn’t coming real soon, but there’s another discussion that’s already been had a thousand times over with no resolution. Sounds like the perfect challenge for the […]