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Packard Revival


In a bit of positive news out of the land of Detroit, the deal for the former Packard plant has been completed, and the planned revival is scheduled to begin.

The Packard Plant ruins on Detroit’s east side could soon be buzzing with construction cranes as the plant’s Spanish-born owner launches the opening phase of his ambitious redevelopment project.

In an exclusive interview Tuesday, Fernando Palazuelo said he anticipates the arrival within two to four weeks of cleanup crews…the workers and equipment due to start next month would clear debris and dangerous loose concrete from the vicinity of the old Packard Motor’s administrative office building and the iconic red brick bridge that crosses East Grand Boulevard.

An eventual second phase would involve restoring to original condition the bridge and the four-story office, as well as a courtyard behind the office building.

Palazuelo envisions restoring some of the original Packard structure and redeveloping it for commercial, industrial and cultural uses. (Detroit Free Press.)


The plant was sold to Palazuelo for $405,000 in the Wayne County Treasurer’s foreclosure auction, but the actual title to the complex had been in limbo until very recently. A former owner came forward with a claim that he was still the owner because the county auction didn’t satisfy all of his ownership interests, so a deal had to be worked out before the project could move forward. Hopefully now work can begin and some of the iconic structure can be saved.

Past the jump, check out a recent “remote control helicopter cam” video of the complex in its pre-recovery state. (And kudos to for calling it an RC helicopter!)

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