Startup: Tired Wall Is Tired

You had one job, wall! And now look – what is door supposed to do? Lazy.



Startup: The Chair Illusion

I love optical illusions, and this is the first somewhat original one I’ve seen in a while. Might freak me out if I was drunk.



Startup: The Diamond Illusion

I love optical illusions, and this is one by someone who excels in the art. Check out “brusspup” on the Tubes of You for whacky sciency demonstrations and tons of fun optical illusions.


Startup: He’s Too Smart for You

I love optical illusions, but this one is infuriating. No matter how many times I watch this, my stupid brain still can’t see it right until it comes into profile. I just keep telling myself I’m being outsmarted by Einstein to make myself feel […]


Is it a Lamp or a Profile?

Uh-oh, a profile?

Some of these optical illusion pictures are better than others.



Startup: Your Brain Is Lying To You

Which way is she spinning? Clockwise? Counter-Clockwise? Back and forth? The answer is “yes.”

The picture doesn’t contain enough information to tell for sure. (It’s actually made to deliberately hide the necessary clues.) So your brain will just invent information and fill in the blanks to prevent you from having a massive aneurism and […]