User Input

User Input: Busted

Techie and I were trading horror stories last night, comparing notes on the various things that we’ve seen users improperly doing on workplace computers or technology. He is a technology supervisor for an educational institution; I have embodied the “overseer of everything” role in my workplace, embodying the position I describe as “doer […]

Atomic Hangovers

Controlling Your Irritation

Ah, back in the days when traffic control markers actually worked…

As you may have noticed, there was no Startup this morning. This is due entirely to me falling asleep in my computer chair last night after a failed experiment. I thought I would have no problem driving for ten hours, catching a […]

Military-Grade Awesome

A ride from Hell in an F-14 Tomcat

Meet Pete Purvis, Grumman Aviation test pilot.

The day was June 20, 1973, the airplane was the US Navy’s Fighter of the Future, pre-production F-14 Tomcat #6, and the story is riveting. While test firing an AIM-7 Sparrow missile underneath the future Top-Gun star, something went terribly, terribly wrong. Continue reading A ride from Hell in an F-14 Tomcat


Igor! Throw the Switch!


The video description says it all: “A high-voltage arc caused by a 500KV Switch opening up in the Nevada Desert. An enormous Jacob’s Ladder.”




And “WOOT!”

(Reminds me of that one time I electrocuted my sister…)