One Last Step

The afterlife is one of those mysteries that may never be solved. Do we go to heaven or hell? Do we just cease to exist? Are we reincarnated? In order to find out, you have to die and by then you can’t report your findings. Instead, it’s a matter of faith as to what you believe.

Today, we lost a great man. An astronaut in the Gemini and Apollo programs. A test pilot on the Bell X-1B and X-15 aircraft. The first man on the moon.
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AT Hall of Fame

On Sally Ride

Yesterday, we here at Atomic Toasters were saddened to learn of the death of former astronaut and damn awesome person, Sally Ride. She was 61 and lost a battle with pancreatic cancer. That’s how her life came to an end, but not how we will remember her. No, her life is way too rich to let that be how it is defined.
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Nerd Artists

Drawing the Star Wars Universe

It’s not often one gets asked to design an entire universe. When a technical illustrator who worked with Boeing and did some movie posters was asked by George Lucas to work on envisioning and conceptualizing the Star Wars universe Ralph McQuarrie solidified his place on the map. From Darth Vader’s menacing black suit […]

AT Hall of Fame

Ron Toomer Had one Hell of a Ride

Ron Toomer with his loops

Every once in a great while a man comes along that dabbles in a bit of everything. Ron Toomer was such a man. Ron lost his battle with cancer Monday at the age of 81. Leaving behind his wife of 54 years and his 4 children. Some of you are scratching your head and wondering who the hell this guy is. When this is done, you’ll either go “Oh yeah .. that guy.” Or you’ll learn something new about someone who deserved much more credit.

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