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Wahoo and Umbrella: Underwater Nuclear Goodness

You’re sitting on the deck of your yacht, enjoying a breezy South Pacific afternoon when all of a sudden a nuclear bomb goes off underwater about 2 miles from you and a wall of water soaks you and ruins your Mai Tai. OK, so the ship in the photo above isn’t exactly a luxury yacht. Instead, it was a US Navy vessel studying an underwater nuclear detonation known as Wahoo. Part of Operation Hardtack 1, Wahoo was a 9 kiloton deep underwater test. Umbrella was another Hardtack 1 test detonation of an 8 kiloton nuclear device at a shallower depth. OK, enough with the words. Hit the jump for a video of these tests narrated by one of the cameramen sitting on a beach filming all the nuclear goodness.

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Atomic Awesome

1 Millisecond After

In the movie The Day After, we learned of the potential effects on society from a nuclear attack. But what does that actual explosion look like? We know the mushroom cloud, the EMP, and the shock wave. Sadly, we know the actual destructive power. However, in the 1940s and 1950s, we didn’t really understand the actual mechanics of the explosion. So, we did what us humans do best. We studied and investigated. We learned.
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Startup: An Auspicious Occasion

Truly, a great contribution to civilization.

Today may be one of the greatest anniversaries in the history of mankind, and it owes its existence to the combination of two of the most unlikely pairings imaginable: the Olympic Games, and nuclear weapons testing.

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