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User Input: Polarizing Energy

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In the United States this week, the Smithsonian Institute is sponsoring Nuclear Science Week, a program to educate students — and the general public at large — about the whole picture surrounding nuclear energy. It’s an admirable program, because it’s not shying away from discussing the negatives, while taking a […]

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Another Kind of Cold War

"Permission to break out the Bieber, sir?" "Negative, Lieutenant, you are not to utilize the Bieber except in a time of war."

We here in The West tend to think of the Cold War as being long over, but in absolute truth, it’s not completely over. Sure, the whole United States vs. Soviet Union standoff has mostly died down, and Germany’s now all one piece. Marko Ramius has sheen Monchana, and realished it wash no shcreaming hell. But that doesn’t mean the whole deal is over.

Over in the Koreas, tensions are still running rampant. The Demilitarized Zone is still just as dangerous as it ever was, with North and South sides trading pot-shots at one another. One side sinks a ship, the other retaliates by beating up someone’s mother. And periodically, each side will let loose a couple of artillery shells just to make sure that the other side is still paying attention.

Now, however, the South might have taken things a bit too far:

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