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Drunk, Dirty Ramming Nukes

Project Pluto

This week, Alex Kierstein and I had a lot of fun bringing you nuclear-fueled oddities from a time before we learned to fear nuclear power. We’re not done, though. Thanks to our awesome commenters, we keep getting more fodder for our obsession with things powered by nukes that are not cities or ships. Because of a tip from Discontinuuity, I invite you sit back and enjoy a tale about a nuclear-powered ramjet and a giant missile. Continue reading Drunk, Dirty Ramming Nukes

Military-Grade Awesome, Technostalgia

Nuclear-Powered Freedom

The dual-propulsion Convair B-36 is already an awesome bomber, and a true hybrid. How, then, do you make it more awesomer? Well, if it’s 1946 you add a nuclear power plant and go commie hunting. Continue reading Nuclear-Powered Freedom