Cause and Effect

Jupiter and the Cuban Missile Crisis

In a briefing to the US Secretary of Defense in September, 1955, Werner von Braun suggested that a longer range missile be developed to compliment the short range Redstone rocket. The new missile should have a range of 1,500 miles and be capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The Army and the Navy both were interested and signed a joint pact with Chrysler to build this missile. The idea, they though, would be to park these missiles in Europe and along the Soviet coast to keep Crazy Ivan in check.

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Atomic Awesome

Letting the Genie out out of the bottle

F-106 firing unguided nuclear Genie

There are days when a piece of tech just sits at the back of your brain clawing and eating at you. This piece of technology has done that ever since I heard of it’s existence. Seeing one in person just reaffirmed what I thought about it in the first place. Was this an ends to a means or something that was jotted down on a napkin during a bender in Amsterdam?

Shutdown: Blue Steel Edition

They share the same name. One is a come-hither look, one is a stand-off nuclear device fitted to British V bombers. Can you figure out which one is which?

Avro Blue Steel