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Atomic Fission – When The Nuke Needs To Be There Yesterday:The Convair B-58 Hustler

Convair B-58 Hustler


During the cold war we found that the best way a bomber could penetrate enemy defenses was to go higher and faster the defenses of the day. With this in mind the US Air Force accepted one of the better bombers of its time period that most people have never heard of. Capable of mach two while flying above sixty thousand feet, the B-58 showed the way to the future.


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User Input: Passing Into History

Avro Vulcan

The charity trust that has successfully restored the last remaining Avro Vulcan has announced that 2013 will be the final year to see their craft fly. Despite investing millions of dollars into keeping the plane certified as airworthy, the costs just continue to climb too rapidly to keep up. As parts and equipment are no longer being produced, their stock of spare parts are quickly drying up. There have been several solutions presented, one of which involves a major retro-fit of the “shoulders” at the base of the wings to accommodate more modern engines, enabling new hydraulics, more capabilities, and lower maintenance costs.

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The Backup V-Bomber

Britain’s iconic V-bomber triplets – the Victor, Valiant, and Vulcan – were a potent symbol of the Cold War obsession with deterrence, as well as the drive to innovate in the face of potential nuclear annihilation. Two of the three, the Vulcan and Victor, served for several decades and thrilled onlookers everywhere with their […]