Shutdown: Do Your Homework!


If you don’t do your homework, no Mario for you!

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Startdown: Fading Memories

Is it better to remember, or better to forget?

Image from theargylesweater, via geeksaresexy.

A-T Technology Death Pool

Oh Boy This Is Virtually Awesome

Nintendo Virtual Boy

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There was a time not so long ago when placing two images flashing at different intervals inches from your eyes seemed like a good idea.



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Startup: Pre-Nostalgia

You know we’re only a few years away from there being grandparents who are knitting on the front porch while reminiscing about the 8-bit videogames they used to play in their youth.

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User Input: Gaming Comfort

I’ve lost the source for this, so I’m not sure where he got a miniature XBox controller like that.

The first video game I played was on a little console that someone bought me as a child. I’ll assume it was a Christmas or birthday present, but I honestly don’t remember receiving it; […]


Startup: Real Life is Less Fun

While Nintendo sold children on a charming tale of a humble plumber taking an exciting fantasy adventure, the real story was more likely that after taking some “magic mushrooms” he tripped out and hallucinated the whole thing. Fortunately for the children, 8 bit graphics just couldn’t portray to truly horrifying things (imagined or not) […]

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User Input: 8-Bit Nostalgia

Reproduction video games, courtesy of

On my drive home yesterday, the radio host was talking about how he’d just bought himself an original, first-generation, blow-on-the-cartridges-to-make-them-work Nintendo Entertainment System. The dilemma was that he had no games for to play on said machine, and was soliciting his listening audience to tell him how […]


Talking at the Speed of Light

A quick perusal of the Nintendo corporate history on the company website reveals that the company burst onto the world scene in 1985 with the NES console system. Before that, let’s see, according to this timeline, absolutely nothing! Yep, Mario, Game Boy, Wii, that seems to be everything. Absolutely no reason to think that the company started way way back in 1889, and spent the first half of its existence as a playing card maker, transitioning to toys of all sorts, to include electronic gadgets, in the 1960s and 70s, before hitting the big time with the NES.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we aren’t stuck as shills for the man reciting some bland revisionist corporate history. We can tell the real story. The truth is out there! And that truth is, Nintendo came out with some quite nifty items in the time prior to the video game explosion. Things like the Light Telephone (full name is Opto-electronics Light Beam Telephone LT), a walkie-talkie system that utilizes a modulating light beam to transmit your conversation.

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User Input: Encore Performance

Even Mario seemed a little tired of the franchise by this point…

Back when I was in university, my roommate used to borrow steal my computer for hours on end to play a video game. I had the highest-end Mac you could buy at the time, and he had a beast of a […]

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User Input: Not Just For Children

Let's just be clear: Gamer Chicks do not actually look like this.

I have recently managed to get myself horribly addicted to Gran Turismo 5, which shouldn’t be surprising for anyone who knows what a car nut I am. It is a little more surprising, however, when you factor in the fact that […]