Airborne Awesomosity

Betting Man

Last week marked 58 years since a relatively unknown yet undoubtedly impressive stunt was pulled off in New York City (and this week is 56 years since it was pulled off again, but we’ll get to that momentarily). On the late evening of September 30, 1956, the young Thomas Fitzpatrick, whilst enjoying some […]

Ars gratia artis

Up On the Roof

Picture yourself sitting in a nice hotel, gazing out on the New York skyline, ready to head out and take on the town for the first day of your Big Apple vacation. Across the rooftops you spy a familiar shape, and think to yourself, ‘No, that can’t be a Sopwith Camel on that roof.’ So you grab your trusty binoculars, that you brought another for, uh, sightseeing, and take another look. There sits the WWI era biplane, rusting away on what appears to be a truncated runway!

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