Spy vs Spy Week

Cross; Double Cross

When you start reading some historical accounts of espionage and counter-espionage, you start to realize that Great Britain is a master of the craft. Going all the way back to Elizabeth I and probably before, the Brits had developed a large network of spies and perfected the art of running spies. This skill proved very useful during the dark days of World War 2.
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Computers You Should Know

The Enigma Machine

Enigma machine in use, 1943

No other computer has the cloak of intrigue and the dagger of war surrounding it quite like the Enigma machine.
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Computers You Should Know

Computers You Should Know: The Norden Bombsight

In searching for early computers, it is difficult to overlook the Norden bombsight. Invented by Carl Norden, the Norden bombsight helped the US win World War 2. Do you think I’m overstating things a bit? Well, it was a Norden bombsight that allowed Thomas Ferebee to sight the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Continue reading Computers You Should Know: The Norden Bombsight