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The Napier Deltic

My post (or essay) today represents a rare opportunity for me to be proud to be British, and concerns the work of D. Napier & Son Limited, who started life as a car manufacturer. After WW1 they turned their hand to concentrate on engines and became one of the most important aircraft engine manufacturers of the first half of the 20th century. Some of their most famous engines, the Sabre, Lion etc found worldwide recognition powering aircraft and racing cars, including various land-speed record holders. Continue reading The Napier Deltic

Bizarre Powerplants, Military-Grade Awesome

The UK and the Napier Nomad vs. the US

It's like 2 engines in 1!

In case you haven’t noticed, we like bizarre powerplants on this blog. We’ve discovered nuclear-powered jets and missiles. This morning we saw (and heard!) a two-stroke, 6 piston, 3 cylinder horizontally opposed diesel engine that has made more than one head explode. Well, Black Steelies reminded me of a bizzare powerplant that just might make your head implode back to normal…behold, the diesel/turbine Napier Nomad! Continue reading The UK and the Napier Nomad vs. the US