Airborne Awesomosity

Pointy On Both Ends

The jet engine was still only a few years old when Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. Just a few years after that, NACA and the US Air Force were looking at what design was necessary for sustained supersonic flight. One such attempt was with the X-3 “Stiletto” beginning in 1952.
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Airborne Awesomosity


NASA, federally funded behemoth that they are, has been kind enough to share a GRIN–the Great Images In NASA library. It is an extensive collection of images, from the pre-NASA days as NACA, and on. Most are copyright free, with NASA just requesting to be credited.

I wanted to start off this occasional series exploring these image archives on a high note, so today we are going to look at crash photos! Some are intentional, some not so much; some are impressive, some not so much. In all cases no test pilots were harmed killed in the capturing of these images. So put a GRIN on your face and hit the jump!

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Stick the Landing

 The Russian judge only gave it a 5.6.


Image courtesy of NASA.