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User Input: Appropriate Themes

Main Street Marching Band

We’ve had a few discussions ’round these here parts pertaining to our belief that our lives would be so much more exciting if we had theme music, the way the characters in a movie or TV show do, to accompany our more dramatic moments. Now, granted, this would be annoying if it accompanied us all the time, but at those dramatic moments? Epic.

Imagine you’re about to make a presentation to your boss, or to a board of influential decision-makers. Wouldn’t that presentation be better if the crucial moment, the moment you need them all to really pay attention to, could be accompanied by music that builds suspense, and then releases a triumphant exultation when you deliver the critical line? Imagine you walk into a pub full of people, and the bar’s music goes silent, only to hit a dramatic chord as you open the door. What if suspenseful, pending-danger music would play just as you’re about to cross the street at a busy intersection, tipping you off to the cabbie who’s hell-bent on beating that dark-orange light? It wouldn’t just be dramatic, it could save your life!

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User Input: Musical Bastardization

The beginning of the downfall.

Listening to the radio this morning, they seem to be on a 80’s pop kick. For anyone who knows me, you’ll be well aware that this is much like drilling into my skull with a power-drill. It may be the genre of music that I like the least. […]

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User Input: Getting To Know You

"Concerto for Doorstop and Vuvuzela" was not a resounding success.

So, hey, how ya doin? You guys doing okay? How’s the day going, everyone having a good time? Yeah? Right on.

Man, we suck at small-talk.

So we’ve noticed that a large sampling of our audience tends to be quite a multi-talented lot. […]


Startup: New Life in a Vintage Toy

If you’re too young to remember this thing, please go find a garage sale then come back here when you’ve had a proper childhood.

Fisher-Price’s Music Box • Record Player was one of the things that first got me interested in creating music. My pre-pubescent mind went racing when I figured out – all on my own – the secret formula of how this thing produces sound. Over at Instructables, one intrepid user has figured out how to make his own records to play on a dusty old FP Music Box that still worked but was lacking the actual records. If you have a little music talent, know how to compile C# and own your own CNC milling machine, you too can pump out custom discs by following his instructions. If not, hit the jump to see videos of his music box playing custom made albums of Stairway to Heaven and the theme from Star Wars.

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That Sam I Am

And he’s not at all creepy!


Image from modernmechanix.

The Technology of Music

Let’s Make Mew-sic Together

The worlds of science and music overlap in many ways. Sometimes an idea comes along that melds the 2 in fascinating ways, and the katzenklavier is just such an idea. This cat ‘organ’ or ‘piano’ consists of a collection of cats, very carefully organized in a line by the tone of their mews. The tails of the cats in question are stretched out under a keyboard so that when the key is depressed, the tail is struck, and the desired note emanates promptly from the kitty.

Why would such a thing be conceived as a good idea? Hit the jump and let’s see!

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Atomic Hangovers

Musical Interlude: Stephen Hawking Has The Moves Like Jagger

Image Source: BusinessInsider

I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it does conjure up an amusing mental picture.

Some very odd young man has created a robot band. And they’re improving. And they have a plan.

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Startup: My First Musical Instrument

Attention parents! If you want your child to grow up successful, they need all the advantages they can get. A solid background in music education will give them the skills they need to be a famous performer and recording artist. Start them out now with the exclusive Stanley Spring Lute, the universal instrument that […]

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User Input: Symphonic Significance

I've never been to a symphony that looked quite like that…

One of the hallmarks of good science fiction is a really good soundtrack. George Lucas, for all of his innumerable failings, understood this better than most. The John Williams scores that have underpinned his various creations have turned B-movie […]

Deconstructing Technology, The Technology of Music

A Brief History of Music Delivery

Round is apparently best for music.

I was cleaning up my basement when I realized that I have almost all the forms of music delivery that have ever been present in one place.  Let me expand that thought.

It started with just music.  We beat on logs, later skins with a group of […]