User Input

User Input: Vintage Beauty

If you don’t think that’s beautiful, you’re probably on the wrong site.

A few years ago, an ex-girlfriend bought me a birthday present that took my breath away. It was a huge painting of a Supermarine Spitfire flying through the clouds; now I know what you’re thinking. We’ve all seen paintings like this […]

Startup, Stealth Week

Startup: A WINDOW Onto Warfare

Not what you first think of when we say "Stealth" aircraft...

Much of Stealth Week has been dedicated to fairly high-tech devices, particularly for their day. It all involves some sort of covert activity, disguise, or method of subterfuge. The technology of WINDOW, (as suggested to us by faithful Toasterite Tom) then, would almost seem contrary to that philosophy. Nevertheless, it served as a form of stealth warfare by attracting as much attention, and making as much noise as possible.

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