Moon Lasers


For some reason I find the whole Moon landing conspiracy to be really fascinating. To me it just seems like what is harder to believe, that man managed to travel off the Earth and land on our nearest neighbor, or that hundreds if not thousands of people pulled off a highly technically complex and intricate hoax, and have managed to keep it a secret for nearly 50 years? That, and NASA left stuff there, not just the disposable Moon rovers and descent stages, but actual experimental equipment that can still be used from Earth, given the proper tools of course. One such experiment is the retroreflector arrays left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts that are used for laser ranging.

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Shutdown: Psychedelic, Man

After all, NASA did land on the Moon in the 60’s.

Image from NASA, via nerdcore.


Going Through a Phase

As we start out this new year, have you found yourself outside, looking up at the Moon, and wondering if some where, somebody else was looking at that same Moon?  Or, perhaps, gazed upon it and wondered just how the Moon’s phases are going to look every day for the next year? Well, today you are in luck, because NASA has been kind enough to make this handy video showcasing just that! Check out the eccentricity in it’s movement, I never knew it did that!

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Falling Down on the Job

With 6 manned missions landing on the Moon, and nearly 300 hours spent on the surface, NASA was able to bring back countless images and videos of exploration and discovery. But with so much time spent up there, it was bound to happen that not every moment was quite so photogenic. Thanks to a gentleman named Joel Ivy, and the wonder of YouTube, we can enjoy a cheerful little compilation video. So without further ado–Astronauts Falling Down on the Moon.

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Half Mooned

Wonder what he did to pull Moon duty?


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