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“Donuts make the brain relax”


Courtesy the ever illustrious and good friend Mike Bumbeck of Clunkbucket and Hemmings fame, what we have here are a set of mind-controlled kitty-ears.

You heard me. Mind. Control. Kitty-ears.

Brought to you by those same crazy folks that charge extra for not cooking your fish and who keep a fire-breathing sea-lizard as a national pet, these animated costume ears once again manage to mix sci-fi quality technology with some of the off-beat whimsy Japan has become famous for. Continue reading “Donuts make the brain relax”

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MKULTRA, LSD, Mind Control

Mind control is one of those themes that is a staple of science fiction. An evil scientist creates a device that causes people to do things that are against their normal ethical and/or moral standards. A foreign government reprograms a POW to help in its overthrow of a major world government. Even the Jedi and Sith can control the weak minded.
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